1. I live a long way from Nevada, will Brother Dan come play in my area?
YES, that's the main reason for this website. Brother Dan travels all over the world, and his success depends upon people like you. Send Dan a note here, and he'll contact you to set it up.

2. Will Brother Dan actually do a concert at my house?
YES!! House concerts are high on Dan's priority list, largely because of the one on one connection with people that can only happen in such a comfortable, intimate setting.

3. I've only recently learned about Brother Dan. Where has he been and why isn't he a star?
The question is, where have YOU been and why haven't you bought a Brother Dan CD yet?LOL!

4. How can I connect with other people who love Brother Dan's music as much as I do?
Well, first, come out to a show! Second, sign up for the newsletter. (That way, you'll receive all of the latest updates, news, and be able to follow along with Dan's career.) Third, Brother Dan's MySpace page is a good way to connect with other fans. Fourth, write to Dan and ask how you can help. He'll get back to you, for sure!

5. I see that Brother Dan plays cover tunes and corporate events. Does that mean he's a sell-out?
NO. Definitely not. Brother Dan is a fan of many great songwriters, and plays their tunes with as much skill and passion as he does his own material. As for the corporate issue, corporations are made up of people, you know. Also, the income Brother Dan receives from corporate clients is an important part of Dan's success, helping to defray touring costs, recording costs, etc.

6. Where does the "brother" come from? Is Dan a monk, or some type of religious oddity?
No, Dan is not a monk. In his words - "Music is the heartbeat of life. When your heart beats with mine, be it with wild abandon or quiet contemplation, we are truly 'Brothers.'"

7. I love Brother Dan's guitar playing. What kind of guitar(s) does he play?
Brother Dan's main gig instrument is a 1974 Martin D-18. His main writing instrument (and frequent road instrument) is a Larrivee parlor-sized guitar. His "baby" is a 1965 Guild D-35, which is too delicate to take on the road anymore, but which makes frequent trips to the studio.

8. Does Brother Dan always appear as a solo act?
NO. Brother Dan's latest all-original CD, Nothin' Better Than This, features five of Dan's friends. His upcoming original project features a full-blown plugged-in band. The expenses involved in putting a band on the road frequently limit the band's freedom to travel.

9. I have a question that isn't answered here, what shall I do?
E-mail us. We love to hear from people. In fact, these FAQs are real questions, from real people. If your question isn't here, it probably hasnt been asked, so ask away . . .
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